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Account Management Tools

Spend Management Tools

  • Data usage notifications when quota has reached 50%, 85% and 100%.
  • Fair usage policy notifications.
  • Overdue notices.

Security Tools

A number of security tools are also available to assist you with managing access to your telecommunications services, please call 1300 882 172 for more information regarding this service.

Billing Information

Billing Information

Voicetalk billing cycle

Your monthly Voicetalk invoice will be issued on the 1st or the 11th of every month depending on the date you signed up with Voicetalk and is payable within 14 days.

Your First Invoice

Your first invoice may be higher than you expected as it may contain some pro-rata charges. This varies depending on the selected rate plan.

What is Pro-rata charge?

Pro-rata charge is the partial amount of Plan or Service & Equipment (Line Rental, Value Added Service) charges, covering the period from the date that you became active with Voicetalk up until the 10th of the month.

A Pro-rata charge will only appear on your first invoice to ensure you are brought into line with our billing cycle. This might also mean you will be eligible to receive a credit from your previous provider from the date your services left them up until your previous billing cycle end date.

How will this look on my first invoice?
When you receive your first invoice, you will see two separate monthly charges.

  1. A pro-rata charge from your start date to the 10th of the month
  2. A charge for your normal billing cycle in advance

It may appear that you have been charged twice for the plan; however this is not the case.

This is outlined in the example below, where a customer started their Synergy plan on 11/04/2011 and received their first invoice on 11/05/2011:

Note: This is the only time you will see this pro-rata charge period. Once in line with our billing cycle, all future invoices will simply cover the normal monthly billing period.

eBill and Direct Debit

We all like to do our bit for the environment so we offer a paperless bill to be emailed directly to you each month rather than one sent by post. This not only saves the environment but can save you money if you set up eBill with Direct Debit.

We are also offering a $27.50 inc GST credit to your account as a thank you for your support.

To change your account to Direct Debit and eBill simply call our friendly customer care team on 1300 882 172 from 8am - 6pm Monday to Friday (AEST).

Data Usage Guide

Video streaming

A 5 minute music video on You Tube uses approx 14MB of data.

Radio streaming

A radio steam can use approx 2MB of data per minute, depending on the quality of the audio stream.

Google maps

10 mins is approx 6MB, however this may vary greatly depending on the dynamic data that may be included eg. search functions, navigation and directions.


15 minutes of normal usage including looking viewing a small number of images and clicking a few links will be approx 5MB.


Reading and replying to 200 emails is about 5MB. Emails with attachments will increase the amount of data used.

Apps and games

Apps and games vary greatly in size and should be checked for exact details prior to downloading.


Music tracks tend to be about 5MB each but can vary depending on quality and lenght of the track.

Web Pages

Standard web browsing can vary greatly but a a standard page with a few images and text will generally be around 0.2MB.

International Roaming Guide

International Roaming Guide

International Roaming is disabled by default on all Voicetalk Mobile plans. To activate International Roaming or for more information simply call 1300 882 172.

International Roaming charges may be more expensive, and you may be charged for both making and receiving calls while overseas.

4G Network Guide

What is 4G?

The 4G network is the 4th generation of mobile network technology. The 4G network is sometimes referred to as "LTE", this stands for "Long Term Evolution". This new network technology delivers mobile internet at a higher speed than the 3G network and is also more reliable within its coverage areas. As the network is still rolling out it is important to check the coverage maps here.

Why is 4G so great?

SPEED! The 4G network allows faster access to everything where mobile internet is used (which is practically everything). Stream YouTube clips faster, download music faster, access apps, emails and social media FASTER. The network is also reliable with less "lag time" than the 3G network – typically there will be a great reduction in the number of drop-outs on the 4G network when compared to the old 3G network.

How much faster is 4G?

These everyday examples show how much faster the 4G network is!

3G Network

4G Network

Download a song from iTunes

8.6 seconds

4.3 seconds

Download a 2 hour movie

41 minutes

14 minutes

Load the YouTube homepage

3.7 seconds

1.8 seconds

Load the Facebook newsfeed

5.3 seconds

2.4 seconds

Accessing the 4G network

To experience the benefits of the 4G network a 4G compatible handset/device must be used and you must be within Optus 4G coverage area. If a non-4G compatible handset is used, your handset will operate on the 3G Optus network.

For more information on 3G and 4G Optus network coverage, call Customer Service Helpdesk.